SAKURA International Legal Office is an immigration lawyer office which has been specializing in Immigration & Nationality
Laws, located in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo.

Director of our office graduated from the graduate school of Northwestern University in Chicago, USA and University of Tokyo. So, our office can provide our services in English without interpreters. So, please feel free to consult with us in English. Please see "How to Consult" in detail.  

This site lists a purpose index on the side menu as "In this case?" When you know the name of Status of Residence which you want to look into, please see list of Status of Residence.

Merits for Our Client

1. Specialist in Immigration & Nationality Laws

Immigration lawyer can do variety of jobs other than immigration related areas, such as construction permission, establishing companies and so on. However, our office has been specializing in immigration and nationality laws.

Our office follows international laws as well as Japanese domestic laws for immigration and naturalization, for example, for international marriage,

2. Application based on the government internal rules

Our office makes immigration application document based on not only immigration laws, but also on the internal rules of the Japanese government. Our office legally accessed and gathered those rules, by following the procedures of the Public Information Act.

3. To submit application for our clients

Certified immigration lawyers who have completed the seminar of the Japan Immigration Lawyers Union and submitted the notice to the Immigration Bureau, can submit immigration application for clients. So, our clients do not have to go to the Immigration Bureau by themselves.

4. High Security to protect your privacy information

To provide consultation on immigration and naturalization,we need to know the privacy of our clients.

Article 12 of the Immigration Lawyer Act imposes the duty of confidentiality on immigration lawyers. If one violates the duty of confidentiality, he/she shall be sentenced to 1 year or less imprisonment with hard labor or a fine of 1,000,000 yen or less (Article 22.).

Also, our office follows our privacy policy to protect our client's privacy. So, please do not worry about privacy issues when you consult us.

5. Director's international experiences

Director of our office graduated from University of Tokyo and the graduate school of Northwestern University in USA, then experienced in training trainees from developing nations in JICA, or Japan International Cooperation Agency.

Those experiences made it possible to have cultural exchanges with various people from USA and European countries, as well as Asian, Islamic and African countries. Those cultural exchanges help international communication with our clients and help our Japanese clients to employ or communicate with people from abroad.

the director with trainees