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Price List

Price other than consumption tax
Consultation on Immigration and Naturalization laws 1) email or TEL:FREE
2) office meeting :
10,000 yen/hour
Application for Certificate of Eligibility
1) Investor/Business Manager
2) other

1) 250,000Yen(*)
2) 150,000Yen(*)
Application for Permission to Change Status of Residence
1) Investor/Business Manager
2) Long Term Resident of which case is not included in the Public Notice
3) other

1) 250,000Yen(*)
2) 250,000Yen(*)
3) 150,000Yen(*)
Application for Permission to Extend Status of Residence
1) if any change like job change
2) other

1) 150,000Yen(*)
2)   50,000Yen(*)
Application for Permission for Permanent Residence
1) single application
2) plus one family member

1) 150,000Yen(*)
2)   70,000Yen(*)
(To get Japanese Nationality)
1) Business owner, CEO
2) Employee, Spouse
3) plus one family member

1) 220,000Yen(*)
2) 150,000Yen(*)
3)   70,000Yen(*)
Special Permission for Residence
1) if you have passport
2) if you have no passport

1) 270,000Yen(*)
2) 310,000Yen(*)

* Consumption tax is needed other than the above fee. And If the fee is more than 100,000Yen, you could pay it as the fee in advance ( or 100,000Yen with tax ) and the rest of the fee separately.