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Privacy Policy is a declaration of a company's policy on handling privacy information. Personal Information Protection Act does not impose any obligation to make Privacy Policy nor make it public. Therefore, there is no legal obligation even if a company publicly declares Privacy Policy. However, once the company announces it to public, e.g., on the web, the company has moral and social responsibilities to observe its Privacy Policy.

Our Privacy Policy

1. Purpose of collecting personal information

We use personal information only for the purpose to provide our services to our client, to send greeting and to inform our activity information to our client. When our client do not want to receive those service, greeting and information, if our client requests to stop them, we will stop providing them.

2. Restriction of providing personal information

We do not provide personal information that we received from our client, to any third party except for the following exceptions:
1) when we get our client's consent.
2) when we confides personal information to our alliance company for the merit of our client. We strictly obliges those company to fulfill appropriate management of personal information.
3) when disclosure of the information is legalized or the disclosure is ordered by a governmental organization.

3. Appropriate handling of personal information.

We handle personal information appropriately. We take necessary information security measures to prevent illegal accesses to personal information and destruction, manipulation and leak of personal information.

4. Compliance with laws and ordinances

We obey all laws and ordinances on personal information applicable to us. The guideline of relevant agency and ministry on personal information is to be obeyed as well.

5. Continuous improvement

We continuously grasp the changes of the social situation and progress in information systems and reassess our Personal Information Protection System so that it continues to be improved.

Aug. 2007
Immigration Lawyer
SAKURA International Legal Office
Director Takashi Yoshikawa