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Status of Residence : Engineer

A foreigner could apply for "Engineer" when the person works as engineer after graduating from a university, majoring in science or engineering, or when the person has over 10 years of experience in working as engineer.

To be granted "Engineer," you need to prove the connectedness between your major in college and a job you will do in a company. For example, when you will work as programmer and your major was computer science, then the connectedness will be proved easily. However, if your major was chemistry, then, you need to prove the connectedness by your own logic such that you will develop a chemistry-related program, with evidence.

Also, you need to prove the stability and sustainability of the company which you start to work for. Please ask the company for the evidence such as the certificate of company registration, a statement of profit & loss and a company brochure.

Finally, you need to prove the activity which you will do in a company is appropriate for the authorized activity by the Immigration Control Law. Also, you need to prove your activity satisfies the criteria prepared by the Ministry of Justice. The excerpt of the authorized activity and the criteria will be shown in the next section.

illust. of engineer's proving points

Authorized Activity for "Engineer"

Immigration Control Law specifies an authorized activity for "Engineer" as follows:

Status of
Authorized Activity
Engineer Activities to engage in services, which require technology and/or knowledge pertinent to physical science, engineering or other natural science fields, based on a contract with a public or private organization in Japan


Criteria for "Engineer"

The Ministry of Justice prepared the Ministerial Ordinance regarding Immigration Control Law, which specifies the criteria for "Engineer" as follows:

Status of
Engineer (i) The applicant must have graduated from or have completed a course at a college or acquired equivalent education majoring in a subject pertaining to the skills and/or knowledge necessary for performing the services concerned, or the applicant must have at least 10 years’ experience (including the period of time spent majoring in the subject
pertaining to the skills and/or knowledge at a college, college of technology (koutousenmongakkou), upper secondary school, the latter course of a secondary educational school (chutoukyouikugakkou) or during a specialized course of study at an advanced vocational school(senshugakkou)).
(ii) The applicant must receive no less reward than a Japanese national would receive for comparable work.


Period of Stay

3 years or 1 year

Application document to acquire Status of Residence

In case of Application for Certificate of Eligibility, necessary documents are as follows:

Application and Supporting Document
  • Application form
           (download from the Immigration Bureau)
  • Photo (4cm×3cm) (The photos must be clear enough without background, must be taken within 6 months before the application procedure and cover upper body with uncovered head.)
  • A return-mail envelope affixed with stamp(s) worth 430 yen (for the recorded delivery purpose)
  • Copies of the company registration and a statement of profit and loss of the recipient organization.
  • Materials showing the business substance of the recipient organization.
  • A diploma or a certificate of graduation with a major in the subject regarding the activity of the person concerned, and documents certifying his or her professional career.
  • Documents certifying the activity, its duration, position and the remuneration of the person concerned.


Application document to extend Period of Stay

Application and Supporting Document
  • Application form
           (download from the Immigration Bureau)
  • Passport and alien registration card
  • Documents certifying the activity, its duration and position of the person concerned.
  • Documents certifying an annual income and tax payment.


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1. Specialist in Immigration & Nationality Laws

Immigration lawyer can do variety of jobs other than immigration related areas, such as construction permission, establishing companies and so on. However, our office has been specializing in immigration and nationality laws.

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Our Fees


Price including tax
Application for Certificate of Eligibility 157,500Yen(*)
Application for Permission to Change Status of Residence 157,500Yen(*)
Application for Permission to Extend Status of Residence
1) if any change like job change
2) other

1) 157,500Yen(*)
2)   52,500Yen

* If the fee is more than 100,000Yen, you could pay it as a deposit of 100,000Yen with tax and the rest of fee separately.