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Application for Certificate of Eligibility (COE)

1. Certificate of Eligibility is ...

A foreign national must, in principle, satisfy the following conditions for landing in Japan before he/she is permitted to enter the country with the status of residence and period of stay authorized.

  1. The foreign national must hold a valid passport;
  2. A valid visa must be affixed to the passport, unless the foreign national is exempt;
  3. The activities that the foreign national will be engaged in while in Japan as stated in the application must be true and must fall under one of the status of residence categories.
  4. The period of stay as requested in the application must comply with the provisions of the Ministry of Justice Ordinance.
  5. The foreign national must not fall under any of the grounds for denial of landing

"Certificate of Eligibility" proves that a foreign national planning to land Japan would comply with the landing requirement (3) designated by the Minister of Justice.

As a result , if foreign nationals show the Certificate of Eligibility to Japanese Embassy or Consulate abroad, a visa application can be admitted within shorter term.

Also, If foreign nationals show this certificate at the landing examination, they will smoothly go through the landing examination process.

However, if some situations changes after the issuance of the Certificate of Eligibility, the visa may not be issued or the applicant may be asked to make additional proof at the landing examination. And, The Certificate of Eligibility is not applicable to the status of residence " Temporary Visitor" nor permission to "Permanent Resident."

The following flow diagrams show the difference in the visa application with/without the Certificate of Eligibility.

visa flow without COE visa flow with COE

2. Who can apply for the Certificate of Eligibility

A foreign national intending to enter Japan may apply for this certificate.

In addition, such foreign national's agent may also file an application on behalf of the foreign national.

For example, if a foreign national gets married and intends to enter Japan, his/her spouse or may file an application on his/her behalf. If such spouse lives or studies overseas, the spouse's relative may file an application. If a foreign national intends to work in Japan, a staff member of the organization that accepts the foreign national may file an application on behalf of the foreign national.

3. How to file Application

Where to submit The regional immigration office in charge of applicant's intended address or the location of organization that accepts the applicant, e.g., a company or school. Please see the list of office at the Immigration Bureau homepage.
Who may submit A staff member of organization that accepts the foreign national, an immigration lawyer who gave notice to the director of regional immigration bureau and so on.
Necessary documents They are different based on the Status of Residence which an applicant applies for.
See each status from list of Status of Residence which show the necessary documents at the end of each status page.
Standard procedures duration 1 month to 3 months after filing an application
When to submit An applicant should submit necessary documents well in advance so that the applicant may receive the certificate before entering Japan.
Fee at the Immigration Bureau free of charge
term of validity 3 months after the issuance.
Be sure to show it to Japanese Embassy abroad for visa, then to landing examination at a airport within the term of validity.


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